ROSA LÓPEZ DE D’AMICO     President of the International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women

It is a great pleasure to share with you that in July 2019 we will celebrate the Regional European Congress of the International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women (IAPESGW) in conjunction with the 70th anniversary of IAPESGW.  The city of Madrid – Spain is the location in which we will gather, particularly at the Universidad Europea de Madrid.

IAPESGW is an academic organization that has a great history, since 1949 we have hosted quadrennial congresses without interruption in all continents:

1949 – Copenhagen, Denmark 1985 – Warwick, UK
1953 – Paris, France 1989 – Bali, Indonesia
1957 – London, England 1993 – Melbourne, Australia
1961 – Washington, DC, USA 1997 – Lahti, Finland
1965 – Köln, Germany 2001 – Alexandria, Egypt
1969 – Tokyo, Japan 2005 – Edmonton, Canada
1973 – Tehran, Iran 2009 – Stellenbosch, South Africa
1977 – Cape Town, South Africa 2013 – Havana, Cuba
1981 – Buenos Aires, Argentina 2017 – Miami, USA
2021 – Tokyo, Japan

We have promoted the respect and inclusion of all in physical education, physical activity and sport, particularly enforcing girls and women’s participation. In 1999 we celebrated the 50th anniversary at Smith College in USA and since 2013 we decided to celebrate Regional congress when requested in-between the quadrennial congress, such as

2014 – Ankara, Turkey 2018 – Varadero, Cuba
2015 – Teheran, Iran 2019 – Madrid, Spain

This is the first European Regional congress! And it coincides with the year IAPESGW celebrates its 70th anniversary. So it is a great occasion to get together and get to know about the history of this organization and the networks we have established throughout the years. As an academic organization, our mission has always been to promote research on gender issues and to make our members participate in the projects we developed.

So, we invite all members, former members, and newcomers to join us to participate in this academic gathering and celebration.

Come and be part of our history!

You are all welcome!

FRANCISCO LÓPEZ VARAS              Dean of the School of Sports Science Universidad Europea de Madrid

Welcome to the 2019 IAPESGW International Conference in Madrid!! The School of Sports Science and Physical Therapy at the European University of Madrid is very excited to be hosting the 2019 IAPESGW International Conference in the year of your 70th Anniversary, a time for celebration. An International Conference to support a call to action in the area of physical activity and sport for women, addressing with professionals, researchers and policy makers comprehensive strategies for increasing physical activity at all stages of women’s lives. We are working on an outstanding scientific and social program to offer you the most updated evidences, innovative approaches and training and networking opportunities for your professional and academic development, while making you discover and enjoy the beauty, energy and passion of our great city, Madrid. Looking forward to host you at our 2019 IAPESGW International Conference in Madrid.